The town of Pai lies to the east of Mae Hong Son and is home to the impressive Pha Sua waterfalls. Known main as a backpacker resort the local residents live quite harmoniously with the influx of hippies, Thai rastas and a sizeable muslim presence. There is even a large mosque in the town .Pai has seen a large increase in both Thai and Chinese tourists following the Thai film Pai in Love and the oriental movie Lost in Thailand.


There are literally hundreds of budget to mid range guesthouses and hotels however there are relatively few top range hotels. For those who fancy something different, bamboo huts are available near the Pai river and although not as popular as it once was, camping is still possible at the towns two campsites.

Attractions/Things to Do

Trekking is popular with many visitors and can usually be arranged through your hotel. A local guide will take a group for an arduous walk through the mountains, sometimes riding elephants or rafting down the Pai river. Tours are easy to book in Mae Hong Son and can last from an afternoon to several days.

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Lush Countryside Around Pai

The city centre has been transformed into a tourist centre containing Western-style restaurants, souvenir shops, live music venues and bars that cater largely to the now significant influx of visitors. While the growth of Pai has been rapid it has been done in a tasteful manner and the town remains relatively serene during low-season

The Fish Cave

Apart from the fascinating hill tribes there are several beautiful scenic sites in the surrounding countryside. The most famous is the Fish Cave, a 30 minute drive north of the town. The cave is reached by a suspension bridge over a river and a walk through the well maintained forest park. At the cave is a spring of water which is packed with Koi carp. The locals consider the fish to be sacred. Anyone eating a fish from the Fish Cave will bring bad luck upon themselves from the spirits of the mountain who protect the fish.

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